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Elementary Parking Message

We continue to look for ways to make student pick-up and drop-off around the Elementary School as safe as possible for drivers and pedestrians. Beginning Monday September 19th , parking or standing
vehicles will be prohibited on 5th Avenue SE between 5th Street and the entrance to the bus loop. This is an effort to make visibility better when exiting the parking lot and reduce congestion in this busy area.

Police and school staff would like parents to avoid parking on the south side of 5th Avenue when picking up and dropping off students. This is a very busy area with buses, pedestrians, parents, student drivers, and staff arriving and leaving the area of the school in addition to regular commuters. Our winters can make this congestion worse with narrowing roads and snow drifts. Opening car doors and people
standing, and walking across the avenue adds even more dangers. Please take advantage of other locations around the school when picking up and dropping off students. These locations can often be
closer and safer being located on the school side of the roads. A map is included to help plan your mornings and afternoons.

We want to make sure our drivers and students are arriving and leaving school as safe as possible while making pick-ups and drop-offs as convenient and as efficient as we can.