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Internet Safety

Moorhead Public Schools posted THIS safety message to their district.  We feel that the message is extremely important - this is what is says:
"This is a reminder about online safety.  There has been a national and international media coverage lately about the 'Momo Challenge' on the Internet.  Allegedly, young students are encouraged to text a number on a various online applications (YouTube, Minecraft, WhatsApp etc..), which they sends students instructions to complete a series of increasingly bizarre and dangerous tasks from watching a horror movie to engaging in sel-harm to taking their own lives.    
While there are reports that the Momo Challenge is an Internet hoax, we felt that it was important to make you aware of it.  Additionally, given the growing national media coverage of the challenge, experts on mental health caution that such news coverage could potentially prove harmful, possibly even inspiring imitators.  It could cause some students to be fearful or anxious.  
Regardless of the Momo Challenge or a similar challenge or hoax, we always encourage to have intentional conversations with their children about what they encounter online and to monitor online activity.  The following resources offer helpful when navigating the Internet:
Family Online Safety Institute:
Family Media Plan: 
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child's school office.  If you have concerns about your child's emotional well being in regards to this, please contact Kyle Gylland at the high school, or Todd Henrickson at the elementary school.