• T.J. Schmitt

    Phone:  218-354-2228 ext 331  (Best time to call is between 1:05-1:50 PM)

    Email:  tschmitt@barnesville.k12.mn.us


    Hello and welcome to my home page!  From here, you will be able to navigate to the class you are in, check out some of my pictures, or connect to our textbook publisher's online resources!

    A little about myself, I'm originally from Moorhead, MN.  I received a B.A. in zoology from North Dakota State University, and then picked up my teaching license from the University of MN, Twin Cities.  I've been teaching for 17 years, during which I have taught biology, physics, chemistry, anatomy/physiology, and even some math and English!  This is my sixth year teaching in Barnesville, and I absolutely love it!

    In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, playing bass and keyboards, and playing my video games.

    Thanks for stopping by!  Let me know of any feedback you have!

    T.J. Schmitt

  • Class Schedule:

    Period 1 (8:30-9:15):  Life Science 7

    Period 2 (9:19-10:04):  Life Science 7

    Period 3 (10:08-10:53): Life Science 7

    Period 4A (10:57-11:42): Biology 10

    Lunch (11:42-12:12)

    Period 5 (12:16-1:01):  Biology 10

    Period 6 (1:05-1:50):  Prep

    Period 7 (1:54-2:39):  Biology 10

    Period 8 (2:43-3:18):  Homeroom/Study Hall