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    About Our School

    Barnesville High School is a 7-12 building with roughly 400 students. We have 31 licensed staff members who are the best in the area in the subject they teach. Our students are involved in numerous activities, from athletics to music (band and choir), to academic teams and knowledge bowl. We offer many activities for everyone and ensure that our students are involved.

    Technology in Education

    We are a 1:1 iPad school district from grades K-12. We are currently in our 15th year using iPads for our instruction. Our teachers and support staff are often asked to instruct other districts in their use, from classroom to home use.

    Academic Excellence

    In the past 5 years, we have ranked at or near the top with area school districts in our MCA testing in Math, Reading, and especially our science scores. We are proud that our 10-year trend in graduation rate is over 93%.

    Advanced Learning Opportunities

    Barnesville High School offers a wide variety of online concurrent college classes. Besides online, we offer college-level science and math classes as well. All are easily transferable to most 2 and 4-year schools.

    Community Support

    The Barnesville school district is made up of the communities of Wolverton, Baker, Comstock, Downer, Rollag, and Barnesville. The communities are all very much behind the school system and want what is always best for our students.

    Recent Developments

    In 2021 we opened up our newest addition to the school, a brand new competitive two-station gym, a 650-seat auditorium, brand new band and choir areas, a new weight room facility, a new commons/lunchroom/kitchen area, and a skyway that connects both the high school to the elementary.

    Athletics and Teams

    Barnesville athletics has been a source of strength for the school. Our football team just won the 2022 state championship and were also runners-up in 2023, 2018, 2010, and 1978. We just added Cross Country in the fall of 2023. We offer football, volleyball, cross-country, boys and girls basketball, wrestling, boys and girls golf, boys and girls track and field, baseball, and softball. We also have a fishing team and a trap shooting team.

    Contact Us

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    Mr. Strand