• Trojans Give Back

    Trojans Give Back exists to encourage 6th grade students to become community visionaries and leaders, through guidance of mentors and hand-on experience in a community project.  They will learn about philanthropy and the impact that giving has on both recipient and giver.

    The Barnesville Area Community Fund (BACF) has generously donated $900 to this program in order for students to experiences REAL LIFE situations.  Through the guidance of mentors in classrooms, Trojans Give Back will hope to achieve the following goals:

    1.  Introduce students to community projects

    2.  Introduce students to community leadership concepts, such as project objectives and project roles

    3.  Educate students about the tasks required in a community project, such as planning, funding, and execution

    4.  Inspire students to think philanthropically, by learning about needs of various groups and people in the community around them

    Applications can be dropped off at the Elementary front desk or emailed to aubree.martinez@midwestbank.net.   If you are not contacted within 7 days of applying, please call Aubree at 218-354-2704 to check on the status of your application.