• Barnesville School Foundation Mission Statement:  

    The mission of the Barnesville Schools Foundation is to enhance the quality of education by providing funds for school programs and student activities.

    Hall of Honor Guidelines
    The Barnesville Public School Foundation selects individuals to represent the “Hall of Honor”.  This prestigious award recognizes graduates and community members from the following qualifying areas.

    • Academics
    • Administrative
    • Athletics
    • Arts
    • Community                  

    Regardless of their qualifying area nominees are expected to have shown evidence of honesty, integrity, and strength of character.

    To be eligible for the “Hall of Honor” the “Hall of Honor Nomination Form” will have to be filled out and the nominee will have to pass a 2/3 vote from the School Foundation Committee.

    The induction ceremony will be held the Saturday morning of Homecoming Week.  Honorees will be recognized at Half Time of the Homecoming Football Game. 

    For more information, contact the school district at 218-354-2217, and deliver your nomination to: 
    Barnesville School Foundation
    PO Box 461
    Barnesville, MN 56514.