River Watch

    Welcome to the River Watch home page! The River Watch student group is an extension of the Science Department of the High School.  They, along with many other students in the Red River Valley, participate in field research activities doing water quality monitoring in the rivers around Barnesville. These students from grades 9-12 also set up their own applied research problem to work on during the next summer.  After the data is entered they complete the analysis and present their findings to a data review group at the Buffalo-Red River Watershed District.

    River Watch was started in 2002 in Barnesville High School and is under the direction of Sheila Carlson, a former Biology Teacher at Barnesville High.

    To learn more about what we do, please click on the pages we provided for you on the left side of the page.  For more information contact Sheila Carlson at 218-354-2228 ext. 330 or send an email to scarlson@barnesville.k12.mn.us.



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    Barnesville River Watch