Welcome to the Barnesville Elementary Special Education Department! 

    We are  team of administrators, educational instructors, therapists, paraprofessionals, and consultants providing individualized services for eligible students with disabilities in our community.

    Student eligibility for these services is individually determined by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals and the student's parent(s)/guardian(s).  If a student is determined eligible, a formal Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is created by this team, which includes the student's current educational performance and needs, as well as the goals, adaptations, and services needed to meet these needs.  The school then provides the specialized instruction, services, and adaptations needed to implement the IEP in the least restrictive environment appropriate for that student.  The student's progress is monitored and reported to the parents at regular intervals throughout the school year.  The team meets at least annually to review the IEP and to make changes to the document as needed in order for the services to continue to meet the student's most current needs.

    The Barnesville Elementary Special Education Department takes the meaning of "team" seriously.  We believe that input from all team members is important in the education of a child with individualized educational needs.  We find that when clear and ongoing student-focused communication is occuring within respectful and supportive interactions, and when creative, solution-oriented participation is initiated among all team members, educational service delivery becomes more effective, and students are more likely to demonstrate success.