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    Welcome to the World of Gifted and Talented!  We meet once a week for 45 minutes to explore learning in different ways.

    Students come to a room for 45 minutes of "out of the box" thinking and activites with 6-8 other students from their grade.

    It's a wonderful opportunity for students to explore a different way of thinking and engage their mind in creative thinking.

    We have an engaging time each week exploring new possibilities!

    Currently in 4th grade we are reading and solving a mystery in a book titled The Eleventh Hour.  The students are given 3-4 pages of the mystery to investigate and take notes on each week. We should finish the book in another couple weeks!  We also engage in Word-A-Day to enhance our vocabulary and find a "real world" application to each of the words!

    In 5th grade we are working on Greek Mythology.  The students have been researching and making interactive informational boards to help educate their classmates about the Gods and Goddesses.  They are using their researching skills, computer skills, and summarizing skills to put together the information.  A final activity of presenting a glimpse into Greek Mythology may be a culmination activity for 5th grade.

    In 6th grade we just started a CSI mystery unit.  The students witnesses the "crime scene" and found out that it took place on a warm day in a two bedroom apartment on the beach.  Throughout the next few weeks we will be investigating fingerprints, comparing shoe prints, doing test results on soda pop and figuring out "WHO DID IT?"