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    Schools are closed primarily because of unsafe weather conditions. The superintendent makes the decision based on observations from Peterson Transportation Company and contact with the National Weather Service. As soon as the decision to close schools, start late, or dismiss early is made by the superintendent, an announcement will be sent to all local radio and television stations. School closing announcements will also be posted on the home page of the district's Web site. If no announcement concerning Barnesville Schools is made, assume that school is open and the regular class schedule is being followed. Remember to keep a radio or television handy during inclement weather. Please be patient and do not call the individual schools or the radio and television stations. These lines need to be kept open for outgoing calls in emergency situations. If schools are closed all extracurricular activities, practices and non-school events are also canceled. Community Education, Early Intervention Services and Early Childhood Family Education classes will not meet. It is a good idea to plan ahead. Parents should stress with their children what should be done and where to go if no one is home at the time of an emergency school closing. Parents should also inform the school of any unusual circumstances that might cause difficulties in case of a school closing.