• Barnesville Public Schools' Building and Grounds Maintenance

    Welcome to the Building and Grounds Maintenance section of Barnesville Public Schools. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring that both the inside and outside of our school buildings are well-maintained, safe, and efficient. Our approach combines proactive maintenance and timely repairs to keep all mechanical systems and structures in top condition.

    What We Do:

    • Safety and Efficiency: We focus on keeping our facilities safe and running smoothly. This includes regular checks and maintenance of all mechanical systems to prevent any disruptions to the school environment.
    • Risk Minimization: Our goal is to minimize risks such as fires, accidents, and safety hazards. Regular inspections and maintenance play a key role in this effort.
    • Asset Protection: We believe in protecting the school's assets through thoughtful planning and scheduling. Regular preventative maintenance helps in preserving our buildings and equipment for years to come.
    • Project Quality Management: Each maintenance project, no matter how small, is managed with the highest standards of quality. We ensure that every task is completed efficiently and effectively.
    • Energy Conservation: At Barnesville Public Schools, we are committed to sustainability. Our team continually seeks out and implements the latest technology and measures in energy conservation, reducing our environmental footprint.

    Our maintenance staff is at the heart of our operations, driving a quality program through effective management and the wise use of resources. We are proud of the environment we have created and maintained for our students, staff, and the Barnesville community.

    Jamin Krause
    Building and Grounds Director
    218-354-2217 Ext. 340

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