• Rules for Mr. Goering’s Classroom

    1. No horseplay in the lab. 
    2. No foul language.
    3. Raise you hand for questions and comments. 
    4. Be respectful to your classmates.
    5. Bring your textbook, notebook, pencil and calculator each day.
    6. No food or drink in class.
    7. No cell phones, music devices, other such electronics in class.
    8. You must sign-out to leave class and sign-in upon returning. Your have three emergency passes per quarter, unused passes will be worth 5 extra credit points at the end of the quarter.  You can have a fourth or fifth “emergency” but it will cost you a detention.
    9. Discipline will be according to school policy.


      -Grades are determined from homework problems, worksheets, progress points labs, lab reports and tests.  The grading scale is according to district policy.  (90%-A/80%-B/70%-C/60%-D)
      -Homework problems from the book and review worksheets are due at the beginning of the hour, the day before the test.
      -Labs will be completed as a group and scored out of 30.  The lab members will then divide the points fairly according to group consensus, and grades will then be calculated out of 10pts.  Labs are due the day after the lab is completed in class unless otherwise noted.
      -Late work will receive no credit!! Bring an excused absence slip to turn in work up to two days per excused absence.
      -Extra credit is given for homework turned in before the due date (2pts), and for finding errors in my work (1pt) and for unused passes (5pts).

    Rules for the lab
    1. Put all “rugged” equipment away at the lab stations.
    2. Clean and return all other equipment to the stock table. 
    3. Wear goggles or safety glasses as required for the lab.
    4. Be safe and respectful, labs can be dangerous!!
    5. Labs are due the day after the lab is complete.
    6. Making up a lab is not always possible, therefore a 2-page paper about a similar topic can be substituted.