Student Activities


    River Watch is active during most months of the year. From participating in training, to sampling water, to data analysis, preparation of presentation materials, data reviews, and finally they present at the River Watch Forums.  While the events may vary from year to year, the research activities, monitoring and training remain similar.

    During 2010-2011 the students have participated in events such as:

    1. Demonstrating student monitoring to a group of foreign representatives from the country of Moldova in Eastern Europe.

    2. Teaching 4th grade students about transparency of water at the Red River Water Festival at the Hjemkomst Center in Moorhead, MN in September.

    3. Presenting a program about the monitoring experience to the School Board.

    Soon the students will be:

    1. Completing and preparing for Data Review on Data Results from the summer of 2010.

    2. Preparing for the River Watch Forum in the Red River Basin.

  • Activities

    Here are some pictures of River Watch students at work!