• Language Arts 7

    Course Outline



    1. Short Story Unit


    2.  Grammar

                -parts of speech

                -parts of the sentence

                -punctuation, usage, capitalization


    1. Novels

    -The Giver


    -Twenty and Ten


    -Summer of the Monkeys



    1. Spelling and Vocabulary


    1. Word a Day


    6.   Paragraph a Week—second semester


    1.  Journals


    8.  Speech




    1. Composition

    -sentence writing

    -paragraph writing

    -essay writing

    -research report


    1. Reading Comprehension

    -activities and assignments two to three times each week



    1. Accelerated Reader program



    1. Daily Oral Language



    1. Daily Analogies



    LATE WORK:  Late work will receive no more than 60% of the assignment’s total points.  (Example—a 30 point late assignment will receive 18 points)