• Composition 10

    Course Outline







    1.      Each student must have a notebook.  Journals will be written in twice a week and will be turned in twice each quarter.


    2.      Vocabulary tests will be taken on Fridays. 


    3.      Word a Day tests will be taken each month.


    4.      Daily Oral Language tests will be taken each month.


    5.      LATE WORK:  Late work will receive no more than 60% of the assignment’s total points.  (example—a 30 point late assignment will receive 18 points)



    Course Outline:



    *Five Paragraph Essays


    *Personal Profile


    1.      Descriptive—a person in your life


    2.      “I remember . . . “


    3.      Personal Experience 1


    4.      Family


    5.      Goals and Dreams


    6.      Personal Experience 2


    7.      Favorite Things (Likes and Dislikes)





    *Daily Oral Language


    *Daily Analogies


    *Word a Day


    *English Rules