•      Welcome to Mrs. Forsgren's Class!


  • Our Class Above and Below the Line Class Rules

    *These are the rules the children and I established during our first week of school:

    Above the Line


    * Raise your hand  *Use an inside voice.   

    * Be Nice!       * Listening to all teachers.

     * Help others      *Keep hands & feet to self.

    *Share    *Include others. *Be Polite.

    *Wait your turn     *Walk in the school.

    *Be quiet in the hall.

    * Say Please & Thank you


                        Below the Line

    *Hitting, kicking, or pushing.

    *Biting    *Calling someone a name.

    *Teasing *Throwing things.

    *Running in the hall or room.

    *Yelling or screaming. * Open & closing desk when   teacher is giving directions.

    *Wrestling   *Lying    *Swearing

    *Interrupting the teacher. *Stealing

     *Talking during work time or directions.



     See attachment for complete discipline plan:

  • Mrs. Forsgren's Bio

    I have  been teaching at Atkinson Elementary for 16 years.I have taught preschool, kindergarten and first grade before "moving up" to second grade! I received my bachelors degree from Moorhead State University and my Master's degree from the University of St.Thomas. I don't have a true favorite subject to teach but I have topics in each subject area that are my favorite. Creative writing with art always brings out the individuality in children which is so fun see. I love to read, scrapbook and chase after my  own three children and their activities.